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going for change
(Yotzim Leshinui)

"Going for a Change" is an organization that helps young men and women from the ultra-Orthodox sector. The association works to reduce the difficulties that pile up along the way, with a great deal of community and individual activity in each of the centers: academic assistance, guidance counseling, joint Shabbat and holiday meals, workshops and professional courses, mentoring, exercising rights and more.

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The suggested activity for students
  • "Going to study" project - reinforcement of individual studies (one-on-one) towards the completion of bagrut (end of high school exams) and academic studies. Teaching ability is required, at the level of preparation for bagruyot and academic studies, commitment and perseverance as well as sensitivity and patience.

  • The "living room" community center - the volunteers are required to attend, welcome and run the "living room " and run a changing personal project. Responsibility and dedication are required, with leadership quality and meaning to work beyond the required, loyalty to the system, and the ability to carry out a personal project.

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday | Hours of operation: Flexibility depending on the type of activity


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