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Milestones (tziunei derech)

tziunei derech is engaged in harnessing young people from all sectors of Israel to meet, get acquainted, and share social work from the perspective of the common good. The association works in light of values of Zionism, world-correction and the power of diversity.

The suggested activity for students
  • beliba home: project emphasizes academic assistance for ultra-Orthodox students in a variety of subjects: English, mathematics, academic literacy, physics, statistics, computer science and more. Alongside academic assistance, the program includes a membership hour - a weekly hour of shared reflection and acquaintance study, during scholarship hours as well as several group content sessions.

  • maayan bamidbar : The project emphasizes academic assistance for Arab students in a variety of subjects, with emphasis on Hebrew and academic writing as well as English mathematics and other subjects. Alongside academic assistance, the program includes a weekly hour of spoken and acquainted Arabic language learning, as well as a number of group content sessions.


Projects take place at various academic institutions across the country


Suitable for students with educational aid at secondary level and matriculation in subjects such as English Mathematics and Physics, Psychometric Assistance and Assistance in academic subjects such as Statistics and English, who wish to meet students from other sectors. Special priority for students in scientific subjects including computer science, and engineering subjects.

activity Days: Sunday to Thursday | Hours of operation: Flexible


Bnei Brak

Beer Sheva


Tel Aviv


A video about the organization

 the organization's website

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