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(Shiur Acher)

The "Shiur Acher" association offers students volunteering as teaching assistants in English. The teaching supporter is integrated with the teacher in the classroom, and helps to improve the teaching and language learning (working in the fifth-twelfth grades).

Teaching supporters are committed to two hours a week (at least), undergo dedicated training throughout the year (at various sites in the country), are integrated into schools that suit them and receive close guidance throughout the volunteering.

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The suggested activity for students

Students who join English classes for the purpose of encouraging students to acquire the language, read, write and speak English, gain self-confidence and love the language. Suitable for students with English at mother tongue level.

Students who integrate into mathematics and science classes for the purpose of encouraging students to choose, persevere and succeed at the level of 5 study units. Suitable for students studying for a degree in mathematics and science.

Suitable for serious students and committed to the classroom, teacher and students - who are willing to commit regularly to arrive on time and set the responsibility to notify in case of change / cancellation

Men are required to have a police clearance for the absence of sexual offenses

Activity days: Sunday-Friday Hours of operation: 8: 00-13: 30

The program is nationwide


A video about the organization

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