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Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center

The Haim Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, the largest hospital in Israel and the Middle East, is synonymous with excellence in the field of health services, medical research and teaching, in Israel and abroad.

Sheba Volunteers is the central body and leads the entire field of volunteering at the medical center. The role of the staff is to create as accurate a match as possible between the needs of the medical center and the needs and skills of the volunteers, to the satisfaction of the patients, the hospital and the volunteers themselves.

Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room
The activity offered to students
  • Assistance to staff in the various wards (providing a solution at the ward desk, assistance in serving meals to inpatients, etc.).

  • Volunteering in a variety of areas at the Cancer Center.

  • Social projects in adult rehabilitation and psychiatry.

Volunteering is subject to an absorption process: admission interview, medical certificate, vaccinations and security checks (lack of criminal record for men)

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday Hours of operation: Shifts of about 4 hours per week during the day and in the afternoon (there are departments where you can also volunteer on weekends)

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