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gate to equality
(Shaar la shivyon)

“Shaar la shivyon” (gate to equality) aims to build a better society based on education and the game of football, on dignity, tolerance, mutual coexistence and more. The goal of the organization is to provide an educational, social and sporting framework for children from the social peripherial areas of Israel.

The suggested activity for students

Learning centers - assisting children in preparing homework, and transferring social activities from the association's database of activities. The project is suitable for both men and women


"Kicking" - a social program for girls and boys, ages 10-14, in which white football teams operate, combining empowerment activities and strengthening self-confidence, body image, self-belief, sense of belonging and more. The project is suitable for female students only

Activity Days: Sunday to Friday | Hours: Noon and Afternoon - Flexible according to student availability

The framework operates nationwide


A video about the organization

organization website

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