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P.T.L Program - Technion

The P.T.L  project, which is run by the Technion in collaboration with schools in Haifa, will locate students with high potential and motivation along with a low socio-economic background.

The purpose of the program is to help these students achieve goals in the real subjects and develop on a personal level while acquiring tools that will be used by them later in life and in academia.

פרחי טכניון למצוינות.PNG
The activity offered to students

Three weekly sessions with groups of 3 high school students.

  • Each week there will be two online sessions and one frontal session.

  • Each session will last about an hour and a half and will include assistance in subjects taught in schools with an emphasis on math and English.


Suitable for students with an affinity for working with teenagers and high instructional abilities.


This framework is only relevant to students studying at the Technion

Activity days: Sunday-Thursday Hours of operation: noon-evening


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