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The Niot Project

The "naot lemida" program is designed to help students in grades 7-12, their parents and educational staff in schools, deal with learning difficulties. The program creates a learning environment in which all of these factors work collaboratively and effectively, with the goal of improving their academic achievement and strengthening their emotional resilience. The youth who face learning difficulties The learning centers, "Neot Learning" operate in middle schools, high schools and boarding schools of the Association for the Advancement of Education. Smallness and academic assistance.

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The suggested activity for students
  • Transfer of educational reinforcements in mathematics and English in small groups, or transfer of enrichment classes in larger groups, in diverse areas tailored to students' skills and interests.

  • Individual study assistance or in small groups in Mathematics / English / Science for students in grades 7-12.

  • Group initiation in homework and learning (third-graders).

  • Assistance to students during classroom lessons (Teacher Assistance)

Suitable for students who can arrive at regular hours and continuously and develop personal contact with students. Priority for students with prior experience working with children. A basic level of Hebrew is required and the ability to assist with mathematics, English or science.


The boarding and school activities take place in the following neighborhoods:

Jerusalem - Katamon, Kiryat Moshe, Givat Mordechai, Beit Vagan, City Center, Har Nof, Tel Aviv - Hatikva neighborhood,

Kfar Saba - Geula Street, Netanya - Old Industrial Area (Ort Netanya)

activity Days: Sunday to Thursday | Hours: Schools: 9am to 3pm, boarding schools: 3pm to 8pm, Learning Centers: 2pm to 6pm .


Kfar Saba


Tel Aviv

A video about the organization

the organaztion website

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