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nefesh b'nefesh

Nefesh Benefesh is a non-profit organization established in 2002. Since its establishment, it has led to the immigration of more than 60,000 new immigrants by removing the economic, professional, logistical and social barriers that immigrants face in the absorption process.

The international program for lone soldiers of the "Nefesh Benefesh" organization in cooperation with the FIDF was established in 2012, and is an address for every lone immigrant soldier and Knesset soldiers by providing tools, support and accompaniment for successful military service and adaptation to civilian life in the country. In the IDF as lone soldiers. The program staff works in full cooperation and as a complementary factor together with the individual center of ACA Individual and "Best" and accompanies about 3050 lone soldiers from 64 countries.

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The activity offered to students
  • Uri program to Sherut Leumi serving girls : home visits to places where the service girls live and locating needs, accompanying, advising and guiding the individual service girls to immigrate and assisting in organizing social events.

  • The "hub" of Nefesh B'Nefesh: activities with young English-speaking immigrants, assistance in organizing social events for young English-speaking immigrants in the hub, accompaniment, counseling and guidance for young English-speaking immigrants and assistance in imparting the Hebrew language. The father is in Tel Aviv.

  • Working with new English-speaking immigrants in the first year of their immigration to Israel: Accompanying, advising and guiding English-speaking immigrants and assisting in organizing events for English-speaking immigrants.

  • International Lone Soldier Program : Assistance in setting up new projects and maintaining existing projects, organizing events, accompanying and assisting Lone Soldiers

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday Hours of operation: Flexible hours, volunteering at the "hub" in Tel Aviv even in the evening


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