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mashlimim le-hinuch

"Mashlimim le-hinuch" (completing to an education) is an organization that provides equal opportunity for foster children, at-risk youth, and low-income families through personal tutoring, in which university students are given the opportunity to educate, strengthen and empower foster children in a variety of projects.

The suggested activity for students
  • Social and educational tutoring for foster children.

  • Social and educational tutoring for children and youth at risk / homeless.

  • Completion of core subjects for young people from different sectors.

  • Empowering mentoring program for young people and children from different populations and sectors.

  • Suitable for students with experience working with children, energetic, attentive, patient and with high interpersonal skills.

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday | Hours of operation: Afternoon in coordination with the family

The framework operates nationwide


A video about the organization

organization website

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