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M.S.K wings
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A unique new program for immigrant students who were lone soldiers, in collaboration with the Student Union and the "Spreading Wings" program. The program will operate in the Haifa and northern districts, Beer Sheva and the south and in Jerusalem.

The program acts as a core mission and combines a social response with significant volunteering as a group. The Bina program is 160 hours a year and its participants are entitled to an additional scholarship of NIS 5,000 from the Gross Foundation.

מבנה התכנית
  • 80 hours of group work and content related to personal growth, Israeli identity, activism, leadership and social entrepreneurship

  • 80 hours of volunteering as a core of a task in various volunteer frameworks

  • The groups will be named after soldiers who fell while fulfilling their duties and will walk in their path


The opening of the groups is conditional on a minimum being accepted for each group

Activity days: Flexible and variable | Hours of operation: Flexible according to the type of activity, the curriculum and the hours of operation of the Student Administration.



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