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Registration for the class of 2023 has opened 



This is your opportunity to make an impact and also recive  a scholarship of                                    

What is the Oleh Leadership Program in collaboration with the Lottery? 120-hour program: 40 hours of training in the fields of leadership and social entrepreneurship alongside 80 hours of volunteering and social and community entrepreneurship 

Who is it for? For immigrant students who are entitled to tuition assistance from the administration for immigrant students who wish to receive tools to develop and promote significant social action. **Admission to the program is conditional, among other things, on a full study system, 40 annual credits**

Where does it take place? The program operates in 5 centers: Jerusalem, Ariel, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv. The groups will open depending on the number of participants in each area 

when does it start  The selection days for the program will be held in September 2022. The duration of the program is November 2021 to June 2023

The program is not recognized for the purpose of SACHAK. Preference will be given to students who completed their obligation to SACHAK in the year 2022.

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