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A Good Thought
(Machshava Tova)

“Machshava Tova” (A Good Thought) Association was established in 2003, with the goal of reducing the social gap through technology and personal empowerment, in Israel's social and geographical periphery. Since then, the association has established dozens of technology centers in which over 45,000 people took part in hundreds of basic, advanced, enrichment and professional training courses. The courses are for children and youth at risk, people with disabilities, job seekers and senior citizens. The association appeals to all Israeli sectors of society, including new and old immigrants, people from the ultra-Orthodox and Arab sectors, and more.

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The suggested activity for students
  • Integration in technology courses aimed at disadvantaged populations as training assistants

  • Individual mentoring in the various courses. 


Suitable for students with technology orientation, responsibility and commitment to association activities, patience, accompaniment and mentoring.


The assigning for the courses will be done immediately after the holidays and according to the needs of the association and student availability.

Activity Days: Sunday to Thursday | Hours of Operation: Mentoring Starting at 9:00 AM, Technology Courses: By Course Hours


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