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"Leshuva" operates 10 street umbrellas that cater to homeless adults, 3 restaurants that serve a hot meal every day to thousands of needy people at a cost of one shekel and preschool dormitories - nurseries for infants for statusless parents. In addition, in the early 2000s, the Kadima youth housing network was established for informal education, which currently operates 21 youth housing units in the geographical and social periphery throughout the country and provides about 1,000 children and youth, from first grade to their enlistment in the IDF, every day , A safe, supervising and promoting place.In the youth home the trainees receive a hot lunch every day, homework help, learning skills promotion, personal promotion programs, enrichment classes and various educational activities.

The suggested activity for students
  • Restaurant for satiety: help with preparing meals and serving food to the needy. The restaurant is located in south Tel Aviv

  • Kadima Youth Homes: Educational help - group / individual, mentoring - annual personal tutoring with a regular trainee and transfer of a regular class / content / workshop

  • Learning Clubs: Help in the evening for exams / submissions

  • Arrival for a full day of activity - lunch, study time and educational activities

  • A roof for satiety (a roof for women on the street) Transfer of content / enrichment class for women and individual accompaniment in accordance with the rehabilitation program. The roof is located in south Tel Aviv. For students in the field of therapy, social sciences and behavior only.

  • Preschool dormitories : Helping kindergarteners through play and accompanying babies in small groups.

Activity days: Sunday to Wednesday

Hours of operation: Varies according to each project: 

Leshuva Restaurant: Sunday-Friday 9:00-14:00, Kadima Youth Homes: Sunday-Thursday: 13:00-20:00


Roof for women on the street: Volunteering hours are flexible (commitment is required for a fixed day and time)


Preschool dormitories: Sundays-Fridays between 7:00-18:00

Tel Aviv

Petah Tikva


Kfar Saba


Or Yehuda


Bnei Brak

Kiryat Gat

Bat Yam

K. Shmona


Beit Shean





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