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The municipal absorption department in Be'er Sheva

The municipal absorption department in Be'er Sheva, in collaboration with the "Kivunim" (directions) company, deals with various projects related to new immigrants in the city. The department provides a full package of accompaniment, guidance, and treatment in the field of absorption of new immigrants, who come to the city from a wide variety of countries.

The suggested activity for students
  • Volunteers can participate in a wide variety of projects that work in the various centers for the purpose of social-cultural integration of immigrants in the city.

  • Educational mentoring project for immigrant students.

  • Assistance in professional classes for immigrant students.

  • Reinforcing Hebrew in an experiential way for students and groups of young people.

  • Many more projects depending on the skills and availability of the students.

The location of the activity varies depending on the projects that the department runs:

Urban centers : Levin Community Center (Eliyahu Hanavi 3), Gilat Center, Round Table Club (Tabenkin 34), Rehovot Hachayal Community Center, Aliya Absorption Centers : According to the city's distribution, schools - in individual coordination with the immigrant students.

Activity days and hours vary from project to project

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