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A ray of light (keren or)

The “Keren Or” (ray of light) Center is a framework for blind and visually impaired children and adolescents with other complex disabilities. About 80 children and adolescents, ages 3 to 21, study at Keren Or.

The center offers a wide range of rehabilitative-therapeutic methods using innovative aids tailored to each child. The center has a professional environment that supports every student: a "snooze" room (multi-sensory), a therapeutic music room, a sports room, a communication room, a hydrotherapy pool and more.

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The suggested activity for students
  • You can volunteer in a variety of different activities with the children, such as: reading stories, activities in the sports room, playing music and singing, trips in the school space, activities in the "snooze" room (multi-sensory room). Creation with the children, assistance in various enrichment classes, assistance in feeding children and more.

Especially suitable for students from the special education field, occupational therapy, music, etc., but it is not necessary and there is no obligation in the background and previous experience. Training will be given according to the nature of the activity during the volunteering.

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday Hours of operation: 8: 00-18: 00

The activity takes place in the Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem


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