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חזרה לכל המסגרות

the Jewish Agency -
Haifa, Carmiel and Kiryat Yam

The "Jewish Agency" in general and the absorption centers in particular, deal with establishing the process of adapting the immigrants while adapting to the unique needs of the various groups (such as the ages of the immigrants, the country of origin and other special needs).

The activity focuses on enriching the immigrants in the areas of Zionist identity, Israeli culture and knowledge of the country, social integration between new and veteran immigrants and reducing intercultural gaps, while preserving the Jewish tradition and identity of the immigrants from the countries from which they came.

In addition, the activity focuses on helping to complete and reduce educational gaps for immigrant children in order to enable their optimal integration and the realization of their potential.

הפעילות המוצעת לסטודנטים
  • Assisting with homework for children or reducing educational and social gaps

  • Personal tutoring for the child as an adult sibling who accompanies the child in the process of adapting to society, closely accompanied by the family social worker within the absorption centers

  • Educational / social / experiential group tutoring in the afternoon absorption centers

  • Social activity around the Jewish calendar

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday | Hours of operation: In coordination with the coordinators at the absorption centers


קרית ים


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