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The Jewish Agency Ashkelon Canada House of Absorption Center

The "Canada House" absorption center is located in the Barnea neighborhood, near the marina in Ashkelon. It is one of the largest absorption centers in the country and numbers about 550 people, of whom about 280 are children and teenagers. The purpose of all the activities at the Absorption Center is to enable the absorption and adaptation of the immigrant to life in the State of Israel. This goal directs all activities in the areas of society and culture, welfare, economy and maintenance. All the programs at the Absorption Center, in collaboration with other factors, come to meet the basic need of the immigrant: absorption and adaptation to life in the State of Israel, as well as connection to society and the community in Ashkelon.

הפעילות המוצעת לסטודנטים
  • Assistance in the club with homework for children, reducing educational and social gaps

  • Educational / social / experiential group tutoring in the afternoon absorption centers

  • Social activity around the Jewish calendar.

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday Hours of operation: afternoon

The center is located in the Barnea neighborhood, near the marina


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