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education for excellence

Education for excellence  is a long-standing informal education organization that strives to reduce social gaps and create equal opportunities for children with the potential for excellence from the social-geographical periphery in Israel. The association has about 800 students, who directly influence 4,000 students, between grades 12-12.

The trainees come to the centers of excellence 4 times a week and undergo educational reinforcements and student enrichment classes.

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The suggested activity for students
  • Transfer of mathematical and English study reinforcements in small groups, or transfer of enrichment classes in larger groups, in diverse areas tailored to students' skills and interests.

  • Supporting projects for the community and individual and group empowerment lessons.

  • Active participation in cultural activities, peak days and trips, while deepening the educational process beyond the routine activities.

  • Education students will be able to integrate as educators and mentorship tutors, students from other classes will be able to transfer enrichment classes in their field of study (computers, theater, psychology, etc.)


Suitable for students with positive attitude, motivation for working with children and youth, commitment, dedication, high interpersonal communication, initiative and creativity, training experience - advantage.

Business Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Hours: • Afternoon hours, usually between 2 pm and 6 pm







Kiryat Gat

Or Yehuda

Tel Aviv





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