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 Hillel Israel:
Remember and honor program

Hillel Israel is an organization that operates from a pluralistic worldview that aims to strengthen the Jewish identity of Israeli students and deepen their sense of belonging to the Jewish community through their exposure and deepening their familiarity with the wide variety of Jewish communities and identities that exist in the world today.

“Israeli Salad” is a unique Israeli leadership and identity program that takes place in Jerusalem. The program involves 20 students who undergo training and content on leadership issues alongside volunteering with seniors. The program is intended for students from all educational institutions in Jerusalem when the content meetings take place on the “har tzofim” campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The suggested activity for students

● Group meetings that take place up to 30 hours a year.
● Weekly volunteering with a Holocaust survivor in which students come to the survivor's home and devote important time to alleviating loneliness and making meaningful contact with the survivor.

  • The time devoted to personal volunteering with the survivor will be divided into one of the following two forms: 1. Volunteering of 4 hours per week with the same survivor in the distribution of time in a way that is convenient for the student and the survivor during the week. 2. Weekly volunteering with two survivors, with each survivor devoting at least two hours a week to a personal meeting.

התכנית מתקיימת בבאר שבע בלבד

Activity days and hours: Meetings on Mondays between 18: 30-21: 00

  Individual volunteering: Flexible, in coordination with the elderly 

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