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The unit of equal opportunities at the Hebrew University

“The unit of equal opportunities” works on behalf of the dean of students, who is in charge of the well-being of students studying at the university. The goal of the unit is to facilitate the adjustment of students who have different difficulties in their academic studies, to develop special programs to prevent students from dropping out as well as extracting the capability of students.

The project offered to student volunteers is “Study communities” – academic mentoring: mainly assisting academically, socially. The mentoring requires 2-4 hours weekly. The mentor is matched to the student based on his academic needs, and the mentor’s abilities and experience.

The suggested activity for students
  • Academic and social escorting – for students who come from the peripheral part of Israel, olim, Ethiopian immigrants, and Haredi education graduates.

  • Mentoring mechina students – teaching the students bagrut (end of high school exams) material. The program demands making a personal and social relationship with the student, and encouragement to continue on to higher education.


Suitable for students second year and above, with great social skills, great human relations, knowledge and a capacity to teach as well as having great achievements in the field of mentoring.

Days of activity: Sunday to Thursday | Hours of activity: flexible, to be determined by pupil and mentor.


Suitable only for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem students.



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