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חזרה לכל המסגרות

חוות הנוער הציוני

“Havat Hanoar Hazioni” is a youth village for 7th to 12th grade students, mainly olim (immigrants). The volunteers are assigned to mentor a high school student individually, which will require dedication, responsibility, care, patience and vigor.

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The suggested activity for students
  • Teaching private lessons to students at a study center, teaching all subjects taught at school, as well as preparing the students for their bagroyot (end of high school exams).

  • Individual mentoring.

  • Guidance in computer classes.

  • Being in charge of thinking clubs.

Suitable for students who are charismatic, who could manage a mathematical thinking club in a non-conventional and experimental way, who are eager and willing to work with teenagers. It is crucial that the volunteers have patience and are containing. Preferably Russian speakers, students with physics, math and biology background.

Activity Days: Sunday to Wednesday |

Hours: 4pm to 10pm


A video on the volunteering

the organization site

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