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Haifa Immigrant Absorption Authority

The Haifa Immigrant Absorption Authority serves as the operative arm of the Haifa Municipality in the areas of immigrant absorption and adult education. Immigrants receive employment guidance, assistance in obtaining public housing, absorption and integration into the community, and more. The Authority works closely and extensively, mainly with education, welfare and government ministries; And in collaboration with municipal departments and other organizations that assist immigrants in the city.

הפעילות המוצעת לסטודנטים
  • Training in educational activities in weekly learning centers in schools. The training takes place in the neighborhoods: Neve Sha'anan, Ahuza, Kiryat Eliezer, Hadar and Sprintzak.

  • Training in a youth club (class in collaboration with the JNF); and in a bar mitzvah project.

  • Personal tutoring for students having difficulty in their homes or in a public library.

  • Conversations with the Elderly - Individual study of spoken Hebrew informally; Completion of studio studies and closing gaps.

Suitable for students with a command of Russian / English / Spanish / French / Portuguese.

The activity takes place all over the city of Haifa - main neighborhoods: Neve Sha'anan, Ahuza, Hadar, Western Haifa, Kiryat Haim and Kiryat Shmuel.

Activity days: Sunday-Thursday | Hours of operation: Flexible, throughout the day


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