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Givat Shmuel Municipality

The Social Services Division of the Givat Shmuel Municipality is a professional unit dedicated to providing personalized services to individuals, families and the community to promote the well-being of the city's residents.

In recent years, the Immigrant Absorption Department has established a Department of Social Services that provides and develops a variety of services for new immigrants. Among the activities the department provides: enrichment lessons in Hebrew, homework help for school students, volunteering with immigrant seniors and more.

We are confident that the voluntary activity, besides the great satisfaction you will give, will enable you to know and be exposed to Israeli society in all its strata and varieties. It will also allow you to gain professional and social experience, and even lead to your integration into employment upon graduation.

The suggested activity for students

Center for Beginnings : a learning and enrichment center  designed for children from Hard working families. The center is intended for children from grades 1 to 6. Students are required to help with homework as well as to engage in social activities. The activity takes place in the afternoon

Day center for the elderly:  Volunteers needed for social enrichment for the elderly at a day center for the elderly. The activity takes place in the morning

activity Days: Sunday to Thursday | Hours of Operation: Morning to Afternoon

Givat Shmuel

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