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“Gamla” is a national program, in which volunteers mentor children and teens in different risk factors. The volunteers aspire to be a “bright light” in the children’s complex reality, by being a personal mentor. The goal of the program is to supply academic, emotional and social help for the children and teens, who’s family members have a hard time giving them the needed aspects of their success in academic matters, as well as social. The program also aspires to implement the values of volunteering and mutual aid in the community.

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The suggested activity for students
  • Personal mentoring – suitable for students who are willing to be committed to the personal mentoring throughout the year, which includes a meaningful meeting once a week and keeping constant tough with the child throughout the week.

  • Academic and emotional assistance for children and teens – suitable for students who are willing to become a meaningful adult character for the child or teen, to help and provide academic assistance, as well as social and emotional, as needed.


The nature of the mentoring is varied and tailored to the needs and desires of the volunteers - personal mentoring in the trainee's home or in kindergartens and schools, learning and play centers, unique activities of the volunteers according to area of ​​interest, social activities and more.


Men are required to have a police permit for the absence of sexual offenses

Days of activity: Sunday to friday.

Hours of activity: school and kindergarten activities: morning hours, activities in the child’s house or in different locations: afternoon until 20:00



Beit Shemesh



Hod Hasharon

Ness Ziona

Kiryat Malachi

Rishon Lezion


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