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The Fidel association was established in 1997 by Ethiopian Jews and veteran Israelis, who joined together with the goal and vision of making a real social change within the community and providing the necessary tools that will enable families from all spectrums of the disadvantaged population to step forward and grow socially and economically. The association provides solutions and educational social services to the entire Israeli environment and population in which the association operates in full equality.

The association has built and manages work models in various fields and leads a variety of educational and social programs such as bridging activities in schools, the establishment of youth centers throughout the country, the development of young leadership programs, parent workshops and an assistance program for young graduates of the association

The suggested activity for students

 Youth centers and leadership programs:

  • Group work with the youth

  • Individual and group study assistance for primary and secondary school students.

  • Mentoring - individual work with children and teenagers in order to create a personal relationship with them.

  • Integration in a variety of giving activities for the community - on a regular weekly basis and in peak events around the holidays.

  • Transferring educational activities and providing enrichment classes, in diverse fields adapted to the skills and interests of the students

The graduate program "Ofek for Graduates"

  • Accompanying the association's graduates in three stages of junior high school:

  • Accompanying and advising graduates of all educational programs in the association before, during and after military service.

  • The students' partnership in establishing the alumni network of the association


Additional projects   – unique projects and peak days, accompaniment, concentration, training, and assistance to the educational operation system of the association.

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday,  |   Hours of operation: 14:00 to 20:00



Beer Sheva



Petah Tiqwa


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