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"ESRA" is the largest English-speaking volunteer organization in Israel. The organization operates in two main channels: one is to assist English-speaking immigrants to adapt to society through a social and cultural set of activities, and the other is to assist the wider community in Israel in need of strengthening by operating education and welfare projects for needy populations and low-income families.

The suggested activity for students
  • AZRA project in English - in collaboration with the Ministry of Education - the association's volunteers serve as teaching supporters in schools, according to the guidelines of English teachers and in accordance with the curriculum. Possibility of activity also using the zoom. The project takes place nationwide

  • Help with learning centers in community centers. The project takes place in Netanya

  • Training / assistance in a computer class for people with disabilities - Ramat Hasharon

  • "Ach in the Community" project in Rishon Lezion : Students who are interested in educating children from low-income families in the city, the activity takes place in the community center where the student meets with a group of 4-3 children

  • Sderot: "Empowering young leaders" project in the city of Sderot - students are trained in scientific programs and learn English according to the UN model, in order to serve as ambassadors of the city of Sderot, and even take part in delegations abroad and compete in debates in Israel.

  • Help at learning centers in Be'er Sheva

Activity days: One or two days a week varies from project to project.



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B. Sheva


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