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חזרה לכל המסגרות

: Department of Co-Responsibility Urban-Social Renewal

The Haifa Municipality, through the Department of Joint Responsibility, has initiated a multi-sectoral partnership alongside the Eretzir and Beta-Urban Renewal real estate companies.

As part of the partnership, a large number of projects are being set up in the Kiryat Eliezer neighborhood on various issues, with all sections of the population in order to provide a solution to the needs we identify and create connections between different population groups. We believe in creating together with the community, not for it.

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הפעילות המוצעת לסטודנטים
  • • Community events in the area - creating an experiential meeting between the neighborhood's families - Shabbat receptions, events on holidays.

  • Experiences of learning Hebrew in experience - conducting group sessions for learning Hebrew through the use of experiential means - acting, singing, creating. There are groups for children and groups for adults.

  • • Activation of a set of voluntary tutoring classes for the neighborhood students - connection between volunteer students and the neighborhood students, ages of division and high school.

  • Programming workshops - Delivering a set of programming workshops at different levels, for teenagers who are interested in the field and want to experience it.

  • Art / theater workshops - transfer of weekly activities to a group of children in the neighborhood - in accordance with the student's interests.

  • • The Gold Network - Conducting social gatherings at the club for the elderly and home visits and connecting seniors and volunteers from the neighborhood for the purpose of creating a safety net.

All activities take place in the Kiryat Eliezer neighborhood of Haifa

Activity days: Sunday-Thursday | Hours of operation: Flexible, in coordination with all partners


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