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Prisoners of Zion Project

 the Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption operates the Authority for Prisoners of Zion and Royal Deaths.  The authority operates  For documentation The work of the prisoners of Zion and perpetuates the memory of the martyrs of the kingdom in a continuous and continuous manner. The documentation is displayed on the state website which was established by the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.

This is a task  A first-class national, which miraculously elevates their work and highlights significant points in the history and heritage of our people.  

The suggested activity for students

The program is focused  In empowering the heroic stories of prisoners of Zion from all  The world. 

The activity includes two main components: 

1. Conducting interviews with the prisoners of Zion, recording them, collecting relevant materials that indicate Zionist activity, photos and stories so that the stories of heroism and hardships experienced by the prisoners of Zion will not be forgotten.

2.  Accompanying and assisting prisoners of Zion according to their needs:  

  • Accompaniment will also focus on those who have not yet completed the authority recognition process and are required to assist in filling out the forms.

  • In addition, assistance will be required in filling out the forms at the same time near the directorate of the National Insurance Institute for Prisoners of Zion who have been recognized by the Authority and are awaiting examination.  Existing medical committees in the National Insurance Institute.

The framework is intended for Russian, Amharic and Persian speakers only

Activity Days: Sunday to Friday | Hours: Noon and Afternoon - Flexible according to student availability

The framework operates nationwide


A video about the organization

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