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Student Service Center at Ariel University

The Student Service Center at Ariel University is the second home for the students at the university. The center treats different and diverse populations, including students with disabilities, learning disabilities, unique populations and more. The Social Involvement section, which operates on behalf of the Student Service Center, coordinates the social activities that take place on and off campus.

The service works to create equality of opportunity, understanding of different people, helping others, making academia accessible, creating integrative platforms, encouraging student initiatives, and holding events around the calendar.

The suggested activity for students
  • Seniors homes - social activities with the elderly in seniors' homes around the country

  • The integration program for students on the autistic spectrum

  • Green Campus - The program includes joint activities for people with disabilities from the community and student volunteers: establishing a sustainable garden, ecological workshops, recycling and more

  • Awareness days and activities around the calendar

  • Activities in the community - the collaborations are diverse, including: social mentoring for children, accompanying families, helping and being part of social activities for the elderly, youth at risk, running clubs, etc.

  • Educational Mentoring - Students Mentoring Students

  • Social Mentoring – student volunteers who mentor children and become an "adult brother" for them.

Activity days: Sunday to Thursday | Hours of operation: Flexible depending on the type of activity

Suitable only for students studying at Ariel University


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