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 Alvin Israel

The Haifa Municipality, through the Department of Joint Responsibility, has initiated a multi-sectoral partnership alongside the Eretzir and Beta-Urban Renewal real estate companies.

As part of the partnership, a large number of projects are being set up in the Kiryat Eliezer neighborhood on various issues, with all sections of the population in order to provide a solution to the needs we identify and create connections between different population groups. We believe in creating together with the community, not for it.

The activity offered to students

Accompaniment, support, play and group tutoring for children and adults with disabilities in the various Alvin settings: day care centers for toddlers, clubs for children and day centers for adults. We provide a good and meaningful volunteering experience, with a supportive team and professional support. We allow each student to choose the volunteering framework, the volunteering day and the volunteering hours and we adapt ourselves to the students' requests.

Activity days: Sunday-Thursday | Hours of operation: Flexible, in coordination with all partners


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