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The “Aleh” Foundation provides services for the visually impaired and blind across the country. “Aleh” promotes higher education and professional education for the blind with a personal mentoring project for blind children and children for blind parents throughout the country.

"Aleh" operates learning centers at various universities, prepares for bagruyot (end of high school exams) for the blind and psychometric-adapted courses. In addition, Ale assists the elderly and operates a taped academic library and equipment library for the blind.

The suggested activity for students
  • Volunteering with blind and visually impaired seniors across the country.

  • Educational and social assistance for visually impaired and blind students.

  • Social volunteering with sighted children of blind parents.

  • Academic study assistance in a special matriculation program as well as assistance for blind students
    In various academic institutions all over the country.

  • Professional help with reading documents and working on a computer for blind workers: teachers,
    Social workers, psychologists, lawyers, etc.

  • Personal and social support for the visually impaired and blind who volunteer in national service.

Suitable for students with the ability to give and social involvement with good will, with the ability to make personal contact with the blind person out of a desire to promote his independence and achievements and perseverance in regular activities throughout the school year.

Activity Days: Sunday to Friday | Hours of operation: Flexible, in coordination between the apprentice and the mentor and coordinator of "Aleh".

The framework operates nationwide


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