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Israel cancer association

The "Israel cancer association" is leading the fight against cancer and is working on all fronts, with the aim of reducing the incidence and mortality from cancer and improving the quality of life of cancer patients and their families in Israel.

The suggested activity for students
  • Accompanying and enriching the healthy siblings of a child with cancer

  • Accompaniment and enrichment for children with cancer or for children whose one parent has cancer

  • Accompaniment and support for elderly, elderly and isolated cancer patients

  • Accompanying patients in wards and oncology institutes in hospitals - this activity is only offered to students in the nursing and medical professions who have undergone the process of entering the hospital.

Students are required to show responsibility, maturity and a high level of commitment to the place of volunteering. During the year, group meetings are held for the students, giving the students an opportunity to share experiences, dilemmas and difficulties that arise from volunteering.

Activity days: Sunday to Friday | Hours of operation: Flexibility

The framework operates nationwide: in the child's home, in the patient's home, in the adult's home.


A video about the organization

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