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big Brother

“Big brother” non-profit organisation is a social initiative of hundreds of student volunteers and released lone soldiers, which operates on the basis of Zionism and Israeli values. The organisation and its volunteers believe in their ability to provide lone soldiers the help and care they need, based on their own personal experience.

Volunteers contact the olim (immigrants), help them relieve loneliness, and try to become a person they can reach in time of need. In addition, they work to mediate communication between the lone soldier and the military system, as well as the bureaucratic systems, and vice versa.

The suggested activity for students
  • Preparing olim for the IDF – preparation workshops for recruitment of olim in diverse programs: SLA – in Russian, ulpan Kibbutz – in English and Spanish, MACHAL and MASA- in French (IDF connection). Job requirements: training capabilities.

  • Counselling in Beit Hachayal – counselling lone soldiers, providing them with tools for post army civil life and creating a personal connection. Jon requirements: ability to lead and guide. One activity a week either Saturday night or Thursday. Takes place in: Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Haifa, Jerusalem, Herzliah.

  • Academic assistance in mechinot for olim – academic assistance in sciences and more in mechinot for olim in the Technion, the Hebrew university of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan. Job requirements: teaching abilities. Days of activity: will be coordinated with the lone students.

  • Escorting lone soldiers – personal escort of lone soldiers, extraction of rights, giving them needed information, emotional help, and drives to ceremonies. Alach appartments, combat and rear soldiers. Job qualifications: excellent human relations. Operating times: ongoing contact by personal time management.

  • Big brother family – establishing community events for lone soldiers throughout the year. Job qualifications: great production capacities, creativity. Preferably students who are from the central part of Israel, one community event per month.


Admission to all programs is includes a selection process and training.

Days of activity: Sunday to Friday | Hours of activity: changes depending on the different projects.

The organisation operates nationwide.


A video on the organisation

the organization website

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